Associate Professor David Elliott

Associate Professor David Elliott BSc(Hons) PhD is the Cardiac Regeneration Group Leader at The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and continues to utilize human pluripotent stem cells to study cardiac disease pathogenesis. Dr Elliott’s research focuses on the genetic control of the developing human cardiovascular system using differentiating human pluripotent stem cells as a model. The goal of A/Prof Elliott’s research program is to provide a sound understanding of the differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into cardiac progenitors and onto mature cardiomyocytes, which may lead to the development of novel therapeutic approaches, both pharmacological and cell based, for congenital heart disease.

A/Prof Elliott has an emerging international profile in stem cell modelling of heart development and disease as evidenced by in invited presentations to the Keystone Symposia Keystone Symposia Cardiac Development, Regeneration and Repair and the World Congress of Cardiology (2014). Further, A/Prof Elliott currently reviews grants for international agencies such as European Research Council and A*STAR Singapore. A/Prof Elliott’s national standing is demonstrated by invitations to present at meetings such as Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand. A/Prof Elliot is the co-founder of the Australian Cardio-Oncology Registry which opened nationally in February 2019.