ACOR sub-studies

  • VO2/MRI Studies – predicting cardiovascular reserve PI A/Prof Andre La Gerche and Dr Claudia Toro
  • Determining Genetic prediction of cardiovascular disease – A/Prof David Elliott, A/Prof Rachel Conyers
  • Metabolomic predictors of cardiovascular disease in CTRCD – Dr John O’Sullivan
  • VO2 max testing in paediatric oncology patients – Lauren Ha (PhD Candidate)
  • Exploring patient, parent and family understanding of CTRCD using a semi-structured interview approach - Dr Claudia Toro
  • Centralising cardio-oncology multi-disciplinary care – A/Prof Rachel Conyers, A/Prof David Elliott, Dr Claudia Toro, Prof David Celermajer, Dr John O’Sullivan, Dr Julian Ayer, Dr Marion Mateos.